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What it means : I have been cheating on my diet for the past four days and now it's the weekend and I need you to tell me I look good. Why we use it : Because we never really think we look good unless the compliment comes from someone else.

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Used in a sentence : "I had an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, Chipotle for lunch and Penne Alla Vodka for dinner, but I want to wear this crop top -- do I look fat? What it means : I am absolutely head-over-heels in love with him, but am trying to play it cool. Why we use it : To convince ourselves the boy ignoring us sucks when we just spent the last two hours stalking his most recent ex-girlfriend to assess the competition.

The Girl I Mean To Be

Used in a sentence : "It's fine that he didn't respond to my last text, I don't even like him. What it means : What is your sexual history with that girl you just said "Hi" to? Used in a sentence : "How do you know that girl who ran across the room just to hug you hello?

What it means : I am so single it hurts, but currently have no guy situation on my radar whatsoever. Why we use it : To convince ourselves that even if the opportunity presented itself, we still wouldn't embrace it. Used in a sentence : "I'm so happy the two of them found each other, but, honestly, I don't even want a boyfriend.

Synonyms : I love being single. Why we use it : To cover up the fact we gave up eating carbs in preparation for the summer. Used in a sentence : "I'd rather not get Mexican food today, I'm not even that hungry.

The Girl I Mean To Be

What it means : I ate my weight in tortilla chips, chocolate, goldfish and basically anything and everything I could've gotten my hands on today. Used in a sentence : "I'm totally down for a group Italian feast, I barely ate anything today as it is. Used in a sentence : "I have a really busy day tomorrow, so I'm only having one drink tonight.

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  • What it means : You had sex once, it was terrible, so you put him back in the friend zone. Why we use it : To explain friends with the opposite sex to the person we're either dating or hooking up with.

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    Used in a sentence : "Did you guys ever hook up? No, ew, he's like my brother. Synonyms : We're way too close friends for that ever to arise; We made out once, but it doesn't count. What it means : I am far from over it and have been cyber-stalking him every day since we stopped speaking. Why we use it : To try and convince ourselves, as well as other people, we have won the breakup.

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    Used in a sentence : "Do you know who he's hooking up with now? Why we use it : To make ourselves feel better and reconfirm that we are the more attractive option. Used in a sentence : "I mean he can get with her, I really don't care because she isn't even pretty.

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    What it means : I was absolutely hammered, woke up with the lights on, drunk dialed my ex 12 times and slept through two delivery food orders. Why we use it : To make ourselves feel better at the ridiculous state of our behavior from the previous night. Used in a sentence : "What are you talking about? I didn't do that What it means : I'll just tell my best friend who won't tell anyone, my mom and obviously anyone else who swears it won't get back to that person. Used in a sentence : "You can tell me if you slept with her boyfriend, I'd never tell anyone.

    Brooke Michael Smith: The Girl I Mean to Be

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