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PDF Africa, mi mochila y yo ePub. PDF Al Galope! PDF Ayudantes de Cocina. Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha. Vol I: Vol. The Notes to this volume contain historical sketches of the literatures of Argentina p. It is to be regretted that lack of space has excluded an account of the literatures of other Spanish- American countries, and especially of Chile and Uruguay. The phrases are normally of not less than four nor more than eight sylla- bles, with a rhythmic accent on the next to the last syllable of each phrase. There may or may not be a pause at the end of the phrase.

In lines with regular ternary move- ment phrasing is largely replaced by rhythmic pulsation cf. See the silva and versos sueltos under Strophes. TWhether normal Spanish verse has, or ever had, binary move- ment, with the occasional substitution of a "troche" for an "iambic," or vice-versa, is in dispute. Thus, en nucstra vida has primary stress on w- and secondary stress on nues-.

See under Syllabi- cation. These are treated separately. If so, there must be secondary stress on ei-r. Or is ya muestra en esperanza one block, and el fruto cierto-. The truth seems to be that symmetry of phrases the balancing of large blocks of syllables is an essential and important part of modern Spanish versification; but that, in musical verse of the ordinary type, there is also a subtle and varied binary movement, while in some recitative verse notably the dramatic romance verse the binary movement is almost or quite negligible.

Romanic Review, Vol. Ill, pp. Of lines, nearly one-half were in class 1 ; in class 2 ; and in class 3. The remaining lines did not belong to any one of these three classes. Of lines, slightly more than one-half were in class 1 ; 94 were in class 2 ; and 75 in class 3.

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Note that, in these arrangements of the 1 1 -syllable lines, the irregularities in rhythm are found only in the first four syllables. S3, On the other hand, some recent "decadent" poets have written verses in which the principle of symmetry of phrases, or of a fixed number of syllables, is abandoned, and rhythm and rime are considered sufficient to make the lines musical. Thus, Leopoldo Lugones born ? Lunario sentimental, Buenos Aires, : Luna, quiero cantarte jOh ilustre andana de las mitologfasl Con todas las fuerzas de mi arte.

Himno d la luna This is largely a harking back to primitive conditions, for in the oldest Castilian narrative verse the rule of "counted syllables" ap- parently did not prevail. Other poets of to-day write verses in which' the line contains a fixed number of syllables or any multiple of that number. La tierra prometida Spanish poets have often tried to write verses in classical meters with the substitution of stress for quantity. Thus, Villegas in the following hexameters: Sds veces el verde soto coron6 su cabeza de nardo, de amarillo trebol, de morada viola, en tanto que el pecho f rfo de mi casta Licoris al rayo del ruego mio deshizo su hielo.

They are, at best, foreign to the spirit of Castilian poetry.


In singing Spanish verses two facts are of especial interest: that, where the rules of prosody require synalepha, hiatus some- times occurs especially in opera , thus: Recogete — ese pafiuelo. Olmedo, Folk-lore de Costilla, p. Ledesma, Cancionero salmantino, p. Thus, jCuantas veces, vida mia, Te asomaras al balcdn! See p. Lope de Vega, El mejor alcalde el rey, II Note the artificial separation of lines in some dramatic romance-verse:.


Meaning of "loquero" in the Spanish dictionary

Soy un cate- Cfimeno muy diligente. Que del em pf reo en el ce nit filnalba. Thus, in empireo the i receives the accent mark, since it is held to be in the antepenultimate syllable, but in verse empireo is regularly trisyllabic. J below. If the syllable after a- is stressed, dieresis usually occurs: A I los I que a ho ra a cla ma. But syn- alepha may occur in combinations of vowels in which syneresis would be impossible. P- 73,1- 12 Que I la al ma nojche 6 el bri llan te df a.

Except when a vowel is repeated: Si he es cu cha do cuan do ha bla bas. Ta les fue ron ya e"s tos cual her mo so Herrera. Tal de lo al to tem pes tad des he cha Maury. No hay pla ce res en su al ma. P- , 1- 5 Por que es pa ra el ser que a ma. Ya I que de tu vis ta hu ye. Calder6n Gi gan te o la que el vien to. Pa ra vol ver a bro tar. It would, perhaps, be more logical to stop the count with the last stressed syllable, as the French do.

RIME Spanish poetry may be in rimed verse or in blank verse, i Rimed verse may have "consonance," in which there is rime of the last stressed vowel and of any consonants and vowels that may follow in the line, as in: En las presas Yo divido Lo cogido Por igual: S61o quiero Por riqueza La belleza Sin rival, p. I La naci6n cuyo imperio se extendla Del ocaso al oriente! What shall little Tommy Tucker have for his supper? Black-eyed beans and bread and butter. Here the assonance is u-tr final unstressed -cr in standard present- day English represents vocalic r. Estaba la mar en calma, la luna estaba crecida: moro que en tal signo nace, no debe decir mentira.

The following rules for assonance should be noted: a In modern Spanish a word stressed on the final syllable may not assonate with one stressed on a syllable preceding the final. In singing these old verses every line was probably made to end in an unstressed vowel by adding paragogic e to a final stressed syllable. Thus, son was sung as sone t dor as dare, temi as temfe, etc.

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Vowels between the stressed syllable and the final syllable are disregarded, as in cruza, ciipula fi-d , bane, mdr genes, drabes d-e. Similarly, e or 0, before another strong vowel, is disregarded in an unstressed diphthong, as in modo, errdneo , crece, hiroe d-e. Blank verse usually consists of 11 -syllable lines.


Animo, amigos, nadie tema, nadie, Su punzante aguij6n; que yo persigo En mi satira el vicio, no al vicioso.