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Rank: Austin Wolf Videos , views. He is macho, muscled and the sort of guy who always gets what he wants. This is a gay erotic short story that contains scenes of gay sex. At his parent's black tie gala, he makes a pass at Damien Silver, one of his father's youngest business associates.

One thing leads to another and they end up in the basement wine cellar. Once alone, Damien teaches Eric what it feels like to be taken by a man. Plus, Lucas has that rugged jock-thing going on, which makes him all the more appealing. As it turns out, Lucas has got a kinky side. He's all for an afternoon quickie, but only if Jeff agrees to throw on a pair of panties for him. This is a role-play scene that's got Jeff very intrigued.

Wearing panties for the macho executive? Oh yes, he can definitely do that If Lucas wants to play this game, Jeff's ready and willing to roll the dice and 'girl' out for his hunky executive. In this story, macho suit guy meets submissive panty boy. And the sex… Well you'll just have to read it to find out!

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Once his wife and kids are gone, Frank heads out into the yard to give the pool boy a reason to stay on his knees! College dude Ryan has been taking care of the Collins' pool for a few months now, but his boss has never noticed him Until now, that is. Whatever his boss wants, Ryan's ready to give it to him! Screwing his Roommate A Dirtyhunk Gay Sex Story Brian West Ever since straight and narrow, thirty year old Justin rented out his spare bedroom to sexy college jock Carlos, he has not been able to get the guy out of his mind.

It turns out that the earliest AAA can pick up his car is the following morning! That wouldn't be much of an issue if there were any motels around, but being stuck in the middle of nowhere, Joshua is truly stranded. Thankfully, a gorgeous cowboy named Reed Colby pulls over to help him.

Shelve The Locker Room. Read Currently Reading Want to Read. Shelve The Steamy Sales Call. Giving it up for Ralph by Brian West. Brady's had a crush on Ralph for longer… More.

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Shelve Giving it up for Ralph. Paying the Mechanic's Bill by Brian West. Noah's got a few problems to deal with: Shelve Paying the Mechanic's Bill. The Seedy Motel by Wayne. Two strangers driving through town on a road trip… More. Shelve The Seedy Motel. The last thing he needs is a distraction,… Meer. And now that the wedding is around the corner, Riley… Meer. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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Return to Book Page. Summer may almost be over but these college dudes are definitely not ready to leave the heat behind! Between football practice and classes, all Dan can think about is having wild gay sex with his cocky straight-ass roommate! When he began to lug his stuff from the lounge into his tiny room, going back and forth without saying a word, his muscles strained in what became a beautiful display of perfection. He was wearing a pair of cargo shorts, a white polo, a ball cap and flip flops. Each time he bent over to grab something, I managed to steal a peek.

His arm muscles burst out of his polo shirt, threatening to tear the sleeves, and the layers of muscle on his backside, nape of neck to ass, were perfect. His calves also looked inviting enough to warrant a bunch of stares. Ebooks and Manuals

I could easily see myself licking them all over. He abruptly stopped laboring over his stuff when he caught me looking. The mirror on the hallway closet sliding door gave me away. I felt a rush of endorphins rise up in my gut. Yeah, of course I was staring! Was it such a crime? I wanted to make a move, as strange as that would have been — going from hate to hot in such a short amount of time — but I played it neutral instead. The arrogance-routine had long since gotten old and frankly, it was boring. He stopped working again and then threw his hands casually onto his waist, kind of like how construction guys do it.

It looked real macho and I started to get hot and bothered again. There was something about him. It was a baby step, if you could even call it that, but a step in the right direction nonetheless. Anything to tear down his rock-hard demeanor.

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Glass shattered as soon as the bag hit the wall. It was cool and edgy, just like him. I had no idea what was going on with him but I decided to take the high road and break the ice. The guy had a serious attitude problem but I was still willing to help him so over the next twenty minutes or so we lugged the rest of his stuff into his room. Manual labor provided the ideal bonding experience that idle conversation could not accomplish.

Once we were done, we grabbed some beers from the fridge and kicked back in the lounge. I think the beers, more than anything else, scored me tons of brownie points because as soon as he got a cold bottle into his hands, his mood shifted. I was barely halfway through my bottle.

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He kept a steady eye on me, which got me a little nervous, and then he came at me like a ton of bricks. His gaze was filled with curiosity. I wondered what was running through his head as I pondered his bizarre question. My heart began to race once I clued in.

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Had I been right all along — did he do the nasty with dudes? Dan quietly got off the sofa and went back to his room, leaving me to dwell in my own torment of thoughts. When he finally reappeared, he dangled a pair of worn briefs around his finger and then he tossed them into my lap. They landed in my crotch.

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Once he was gone I took his briefs into my hands. I chugged down the rest of my bear while his underwear was still hot in my fist and I contemplated what sort of game he was playing. I had wood between my legs again but even better, I was more than just turned on, I was also intrigued. Nobody had ever gotten me as wound up as he had. Dan never once brought up the underwear incident nor did he ask for his briefs back.

He was tighter than a clam, unwilling to open up, even for just a moment. It was as if the underwear incident never happened.